Being able to access a secure space to be express yourself creatively, develop new skills or a refuge from violence, social problems or the struggles of daily life is vital for communities in sites of conflict and upheaval. In Place of War has partnered with community organizations in Africa and the Middle East to set up cultural spaces in deprived areas affected by conflict and unrest. Driven by the needs of the local community, the cultural spaces will house diverse cultural groups and provide education and training for young people in the area. For the past 2 years, IPOW has been collecting media, music and studio equipment and computers to equip cultural spaces in Congo, Zimbabwe and Palestine.   Local people will be trained to use the equipment to boost local capacity and provide employment. IPOW’s certified cultural skills training course, the Creative Entrepreneur Programme (CEP) will also be delivered in the spaces, offering further alternative pathways for development.

These cultural spaces will become hubs for creative entrepreneurism, artistic and creative skills training thus facilitating local capacity and social and economic development. 

In Place of War collects music, studio, TV, film, theatre and dance equipment from across the world. To date, IPOW has collected over £250,000 worth of equipment, which is used to furnish cultural spaces co-created with on the ground partners across the world.

If you would like to donate any equipment or musical instruments, please contact us

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